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What could this development include?

Community Lifestyle

The South Okoboji Estates development would include 400+ affordable single and multi-family housing options, which is greatly needed in Milford. It is projected to generate an incremental $1 million per year in property tax revenue.


Okoboji Sports Campus is a year-round sports venue that would host regional tournaments to generate revenue for an area through hotels, meals and gas. The average family spends over $800 per weekend when traveling for sports tournaments.  


Possible Memorial Park expansion and a trails system for walking, jogging or biking within the housing development will contribute to a better way of life for those currently located next to the airport.


The addition of an indoor family entertainment center would not only bring additional jobs and revenue, but provide a much needed off-season activity attractive to young families.


An outdoor splash pad and a dog park are also potential amenities to be included. Community meetings will be held once the land is secured for input on included amenities and design elements for the development. 

We Need Your Help!

Signup for more information or to be part of the development planning for any piece of the concept. We want community input and your ideas for what amenities should be included. 

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